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  • Energoteximpek

    We one of the largest and respected companies which can put coal in any point of planet. We have very pleasant prices and good value.

    Telephone:380 - 050 - 68515Address:ogdanovysh 13/2 Donetsk,

  • Mashexim Ltd

    Mashexim LTD locate in Ukraine. We are dealer used heavy machine tools from Ukraine, Russia, and dealer-exporter of steam coal (Donbass region) from owner coal mines.

    Telephone:380 - 57 - 7329583Address:q Feerbah,10 Kharkov,

  • Abc "Seller"

    EnergyMy company sells coal and peat pellets tyrsobrykety derevrmaterialywe are ready to work with serious companies and organizations.We are waiting for good offers on cooperation.

    Telephone:380 - 97 - 3738983Address:vul. R. Shukhevich,12 Rivne, North

  • Neofit-d

    We offer low ash anthracite coal of such ranks: D?D¨ (0-6) ash 5,0-10,0 %, AC (6-13) mm, ash 4,0-7,0 %, sulphur content in coal 1,0

    Telephone:380 - 50 - 4761865Address:wolgogradskaya 132 alchevsk, Lugansk

  • FOND-2

    We are the direct Coal Mining Company from Ukraine and seller ourselves, with no other party involved in process. Our coal mining company offers delivery of hard (fraction 0-100) amount 30000 MT, following quality indicators: Ash (A) - up to 20% Moisture (W) 8% Volatile (V) 8 12% Sulpfur (S) 2% ...

    Telephone:380 - 95 - 2000420Address:Institutska 16 Kyiv, Kyiv

  • The Kondratyuk

    Dear sirs and madams, we are ready to buy coking coal grade K quantity 20.000 MT per month and more.Please send your offer.

    Telephone:380 - 050 - 96*****Address:Revyakina str., 30-A Sevastopol, Crimea

  • Southdelivery

    Nsha the company is engaged in production and sale of fuel granules, and also sale of lead, aluminum, wood, and coal

    Telephone:380 - 63 - 1939644Address:hkdfihn Berdyansk, Zaporozhye

  • Investec Ink

    Our company is able to deliver coalconcentrate, coke breeze, productionWe also have the ability to deliver to your address coal powergrade D, G, T. SS.

    Telephone:380 - 93 - 2779828Address:Ilycha 102a Donetsk, ukraine

  • Orion Shipping

    Trading companyRussian thermal coalSize: 0- 50Moist: 10-13Ash: 10,5-15,5Sulpur:0,2-0,4GCV: 7650NCV: 5674Volatiles: 44,5SGS available on request.FOB ports of Japanese sea and Black sea.30000 mt/mo-----Best RegardsAlexandr BulavskiyOrion Shipping CoPh.fax: 0038(04841)2-17-39, ...

    Telephone:380 - 95 - 4098207Address:13, Suvorov avenue Izmail, Odesskaya

  • Anthracite

    We are manufacturers of Anthracite coal and Steam coal.Brand T (0-200mm)Brand AKO (25-100mm)Brand AO (25-50mm)Brand AM (13-25mm)Brand AC (6-13mm)Brand A (0-13mm)Coal quality is confirmed CCI, SGSExport in Ukraine, Russia, Europe, Asia on DAF, DAP, FCA, FOB, CPT, CIF ...

    Telephone:380 - 98 - 1111111Address:Anthracite Anthracite, Anthracite

  • Donugletorg

    Wholesale anthracite coal, energy coal:Sell ??high-quality coal 13-35mm,25-100mm, 50-100mm, to 1.0% sulfur, ash content of 5-8%, volatile matter 3.5-6.0, 4-7% moisture, Calorific 6700-7800 Cal/kg . Terms delivery FOB port Blask, Azov sea, DAP. Price: $ 125-135/MT.Sell steam ...

    Telephone:380 - 50 - 4757474Address:Pogarskogo 5 Donetsk, Donetsk

  • Domba

    Telephone:380 - 63194 - 7158Address:2,prospekt admirala lunina mariupol, mariupol

  • Alpari-gold

    We sell high quelity anthracite coal eporter in Ukraine. We look for internetional importers.I think our price will be interesting for you.We speak Russian and Ukraine and listmailing in English.

    Telephone:380 - 50 - 3268380Address:Levoberejnaya str 69 Donetsk, west

  • Uglex

    Telephone:380 - 99 - 02*****Address:B. Hmelnitskogo Odessa, Odesskaya obl

  • Monte Carbo LLC

    Monte Carbo LLC is estonian company, which deals with commodity trading, trade mediation in export of goods .Our competitive advantages:+ direct contact the suppliers and buyers;+ comprehensive market research;+ legal service included;+ we provide best offers ukrainian suppliers;+ ...

    Telephone:380 - 98 - 7666303Address:Institutska street 16 Kyiv,

  • Helios RRL

    Helios RRL company is an telecommunication focused on the design, manufacture and commissioning "turn-key" basis of advanced, high performance digital microwave radio systems.In manufacturing process units undergo rigorous factory environmental tests with component suppliers quality ...

    Telephone:380 - 44 - 2390207Address:Mashinobudivnykiv, 17 Vishneve town, Kyivska oblast

  • DP Forinto

    Forintos - the group of companies duly registered in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Great Britain, established as a 100 % privately owned joint-stock company London back 1991.The core business is granting services on transportations cargoes mode export / import aviation, sea, road ...

    Telephone:380 - 44 - 49*****Address:1 Vasilkovskaya Str., Kiev,

  • Golfstream-Inc

    We are an import company. We want to do business with a company from china, which producesNokia mobile phones (refurbished or original). We can buy from 100 pcs per month. Please do not hesitate to contact us with Your price.

    Telephone:380 - 67 - 93*****Address:4, Zhukova str. Kiev,

  • Spd

    Telephone:380 - 95 - 30*****Address:K.Marxa str. 23-24 Avdeeka, Donetsk regio

  • Zi & Co.

    Telephone:380 - 564 - 7*****Address:Gagarina Krivoj Rog,

  • Vikma Ltd

    Our company is a manufacturer of various gifts products for Ukrainian market. We present our products with bright quality to our customers.

    Telephone:380 - 68 - 61*****Address:Shironintsev street , 62/123 Kharkov, Kharkov

  • Maxi Ltd

    Our company is engaged in sale by installation and adjustment of the equipment for satellite TV Internet, also we are with systems videosupervision 3G Internet. We want to adjust direct contacts manufacturers equipment. ...

    Telephone:380 - 50 - 94*****Address:Tishenko 44 Makeevka, Donetsk

  • Ukrbit

    Hello, We large company Mir3G with the central office in Ukraine and branches Russia Germany. Now we search for new supply contractors 3g equipment (3g modems, Routers other). We are ready to purchase 2000-2500 pieces a month. Us best price tenders on interest. aspire long-term mutually ...

    Telephone:380 - 57 - 70*****Address:Petrovskogo 24 Kharkiv,

  • Fanep LTD.

    Company founded in March 2001. We have three distinct business segments: wholesale, retail, corporate. Although each segment operates separately, there are signifi cant inter-relationships among all businesses and the markets they serve. Wholesale is primary for our company. Looking ...

    Telephone:38 - 097 - 80*****Address:26 Sumskaya str. Kharkov,

  • Electroentreprise

    We are manufacturing and supplying companycontact us with your email if interested in our product we shall accommodate request. Please endeavour to leave address contact phone number ease communication you.We this hall also appreciate you can specify the what want such as quantities when ...

    Telephone:380 - 938 - 351173Address:12-A Studentska Street kyiv, centre

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