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  • Inter Commoditie

    Representation of various companies such as -Poultry -Refined Cane Sugar as well as other ranges of cane sugar - Brasilian Coffee - Alcoholic Beverages - Carbonated soft drinks -Yellow Corn & meal -Soy Beans & meal - Wheat flour & grai

    Telephone:55 - 3885 - 5974Address:RUA GROENLANDIA,307 SAO PAULO, SAO PAULO

  • Way Import & Export Ltda

    Our company was founded in February 2014, but our team works together with export worldwide for 18 years, so we decided now to make the different own company, selling best products, brands, from Brazil world, job consists offer safety customers, follow up, time response, quality, ...

    Telephone:55 - 11 - 42660011Address:rua rafael correa sampaio, 724 room 101 Sao Caetano do Sul, Sao Paulo

  • Impoex

    Telephone:55 - 11 - 55176379Address:R jose carmo da silva 205 sao paulo,


    Export experts in food industry, fresh fruits, beverages, services and other products.Market surveys, distribution net work.The company makes global sourcing, we can find many manufacturers in Brasil to export their products.

    Telephone:55 - 31 - 33138918Address:Rua. Jornalista Geraldo Bicalho,76/101 Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerai

  • tecnopire

    we are small company which intend to salesalcoholic beverages and ceramic products. have a make maintanaince in vending machines besides entry another segment increase our income.therefore work with wide range of ...

    Telephone:55 - 11 - 4339-6260Address:av-francisco prestes maia 1307 Sa? bernardo do campo, Sa? paulo

  • JMGazola Import豫o, Exporta豫o & Servi?o

    We are a trading company. export artisanal cacha?a, liqueurs, spirits in general, fruit juices, pulp, preserves, candies, COOKIEs, anywhere the world. expanding this year into exercise clothing. have been opened since 2001. group of professionals who each many years experience ...

    Telephone:55 - 21 - 22400613Address:Pra?a Floriano55 sala 604 Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro

  • Cacha Benvinda

    We are producers of cacha?, the Brazilian typical spirit, and fruit juices too. Our products are Cacha? Benvinda and Primeira Dama.

    Telephone:55 - 31 - 33782603Address:Rua Paulo Piedade Campos, 763/302 Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerai

  • PKS Cacha?a

    Aguardente de Catuaba, an aphrodisiac and tonificante energy drink, stimulant of the nervous system. Flavorful drink recommended in all the occasions.

    Telephone:55 - 45 - 2230856Address:Cassiano Jorge Fernandes, 2136 Cascavel, Paran?

  • Summer Ltd

    I work with exportation of cachaca (liquor made from distilled sugar cane juice) Brazil to all over the world.About cachacaCachaca is Brazilian liquor juice. The process similar rum distillation, but rather than utilising molasses (the unrefined treacly-like syrup cane), Cachaca directly ...

    Telephone:55 - 31 - 34820304Address:Rua Mercurio 223 Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerai

  • Wbbrasil Ltda.

    Our company is a Brazilian Trade agent for export brazilian products. Our product line contemplates Exotic fruit frozen pulps from Brazil

    Telephone:55 - 11 - 3477-6562Address:Av. Santo Amaro 855 - cj.13 Sao Paulo, SP

  • Caraibas Cacha?a

    Cachaca Caraibas 20 years experience in browing the resulted a special spirit presented with two different blends: gold and silver.Aged jequitiba amburana wooden barrels, has crisp sharp sugar cane flavor for high quality-demanding consumers who appreciate refined drink.Product ...

    Telephone:55 - 31 - 37142127Address:Cirito Antonio Teixeira, 939 - Bairro Sagrada Familia  Minas Gerais , Paraopeba

  • Vinomania8

    Brazilian wine producer and distributor located in the very south of Brazil also established market for over eight years looks immediate purchase accessories as per described my needs. For further references, do not hesitate to contact me at …. ...

    Telephone:55 - 54 - 811*****Address:Rua Etore Giovani Perizollo 341/801 Bento Gonçalves, RS

  • SulExport

    SULEXPORT 占?xporting Brazil's quality to the worldCompany profileSulExport is a company dedicated export of products and services. It has modern infrastructure in line with requirements international market. constantly seeking provide its customers best possible mix ...

    Telephone:55 - 55 - 35373678Address:Rua Uruguai, 1254 Horizontina, Rio Grande do Sul

  • Milhao Alimento

    We are Milhão Alimentos, one industry specialized in the production of products derivates of yellow corn.Our difference is: we work with product of hight quality and completely Non gmo.

    Telephone:55 - 62 - 35148576Address:Rua Leopoldo de Bulhoes Vila Santa Maria n 620 F Inhumas, Goia

  • Nsn Business International Ltda

    Drink Shop offers more than 1,000 types of wine from the best producers, largest drinks cash & carry store in Italy, a selection over 300 beers around world, drinks, sparkling wines, champagne, liqueurs and distilled alcohol beverages, fruit juices other foreign at prices on market. ...

    Telephone:55 - 718 - 7339592Address:Rua Frederico De Castro Rebelo,114 - Edf.carlos Kiappe Sl 1205 - Om?cio 40015040 Salvador Bahia Salvador , Salvador

  • Bevelan Coltd.Biz

    HEINEKENS BEER FROM HOLLANDPACKING: 250 ml bottles and CansBest Quality from HollandAffordable priceHEINEKENSPACKING: 250 ml bottles and CansBest Quality from HollandAffordable priceQuick delivery

    Telephone:55 - 532 - 864890000Address:125 Sao Paulo Brazil Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo

  • Infinity - CRS Brands Ltd

    major player in the Brazilian market and also the biggest exporter for more than 40 countries. We produce brandy, whisky, vodka, cider, etc

    Telephone:55 - 11 - 992647510Address:rua sao paulo 1345 -42 sao caetano do sul, sao paulo

  • Enter-Brazil

    A Enter Brazil ?uma empresa que traduz o h?de mais puro e original do Brasil. Usamos tecidos em chita juntamente com pedras brasileiras, sementes, cascalhos madrip?olas como broches pingentes bolsas, rasteirinhas cintos. Nossos produtos s? 100% brasileiro confeccionados ...

    Telephone:55 - 016 - 38780006Address:Av: Afonso Vallera, 251 Ribeirao Preto, Sao Paulo

  • Incea Brazil

    we sell real brazilan design leather shoes and belt with company price, we export to every where you want it.

    Telephone:55 - 11 - 83844613Address:Rua martiniano de carvalho sao-paulo,


    I'm Adler Martins, from a company in Brazil which deals on large variety of products destinated to international market. We are representing specialized producing best quality fruit pulp, including guava, mango, papaya, peach and banana. The pulp uses new technology dispenses ...

    Telephone:55 - 31 - 348*****Address:Holanda lima 110/05 Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerai

  • LisBrasil

    Wholesaler and distributor contact lenses and others all territory to magazines anywhere in Brazil -

    Telephone:55 - 11 - 850*****Address:r Ponta delaga 76 177 SPaulo, S P

  • Braztrade Couro

    Leather shoes manufacturer and leather (scrap / hides) trading.....................................

    Telephone:55 - 51 - 85360999Address:Rua Juiz de Fora 1058 Novo Hamburgo, RS

  • Gapin Moda


    Telephone:55 - 11 - 36820500Address:av dr carlos moraes de barros 364 vl campesina  osasco , s? paulo

  • Dia Lindo Co

    I'm building a business and would like to own for free samples of goods that I could choose which one I would work. Thank

    Telephone:55 - 02151 - 914*****Address:Vereado Viton de Araujo 90 apto 403 Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul

  • NOVOCOM BRASIL.Brazilian Export Company

    Well,Our shoes and Leather company working with Woman, man, Children,Esport Shoes, Bags, Belts and accessoryes,We export for at 20 yars for any coutrys in the wolud,Also we working with a costumers brand.Thakns, and we hope your reply,att,Claudio

    Telephone:55 - 51 - 84425626Address:Rua, Paris , 09 Sapiranga, R.S. South

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