SOFUE JAPAN was established in Meiji 38 (1905). We have branches major Japanese cities, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and so on. we are the leading wholesaler of Japanese Crafts & Gifts. We dealt with lacquer ware that is representative craftsmanship been No.1 this field. We years ...

    Telephone:81-52-5716699Address:1-13-10 Habashita, Nishi-ku,

  • Japanese Arts&Crafts Biglobe Inc.

    Dear Sir/Madam, I am Mr.Yo Chang Lee ,managing director of Japan Arts & Crafts Biglobe inc. we are a group business men who deal on Art and Craft export into the America/  Canada Europe. We searching for representatives can help us establish medium getting to our costumers in America/ ...

    Telephone:81 - 782 - 25487Address:10 Senju Road, Ns Building Senju-higashi Tokyo 041 Japan

  • Biglobe Incorporated

    Prospective Agent, Compliments of the day to you. Japan National Arts and Crafts Import/Export. Corporation.,are a group business men who deal on Art export into Canada/America.We are searching for representatives can help us establish medium getting our customers in Canada/America as ...

    Telephone:81 - 5436 - 6588Address:region de suwa 123 Suwa Tokyo 813 Japan


    Kikuya Seishindo Co., Ltd. is a company established in 1937 Nagoya (Japan). We have many years of experience selling traditional Japanese incenses (incense sticks, incense cones, frankincense, gift sets), hand made and aromatic candles, scent bags, bath essence, prayer beads (juzu), Kodo ...

  • Existenz Co.,Ltd

    Please view [about us] in our web site. In retail division, We have online shop on WWW. In export division, We export handicrafts,gifts,toys and used cars.

    Telephone:81 - 724 - 275432Address:679 Habutaki-chou Kishiwada-city Osaka 5960844 Japan


    Glow Your Life Omni Japan provides the world with Japanese culture and products in accordance standards at reasonable prices. We have no doubt that you will be satisfied our products. Omni strives to design develop high-quality capable of giving your life a sense safety, satisfaction, ...

    Telephone:81-3-34983013Address:1-20-1, Shibuya


    Takenaka copper utensil, founded in 1927, is an enterprise that exceeds 90% market share Japan by the manufacture.We take root local, and keep offering attractive products while answering customer's various needs as domestic leading company.We produced well-known large size bronze ...

    Telephone:81-766-220707Address:2-1-16, Miyukimachi

  • Japanese Fragrances

    We are a company doing translations, imports and exports. We also send construction personnel within Japan only. Our advisable products Hinoki wood oil, hiba oil(Japanese cypress), Japanese mint natural aromatic incense(agarwood, sandal other traditional plants), especially good ...

    Telephone:81-080-22120565Address:1-8-10 honcho kawasakiku


    SANPO CORP was founded in 1967. As the company located near Port of Yokohama, we have begun our business by acquiring goods that foreign vessels needed and providing them while they made port calls. Now mainly operate Kanagawa Prefecture which ranks second industrial production Japan, giving ...

    Telephone:81-45-4211288Address:1-35-8 Shin-koyasu, Kanagawa-ku,


    Edogawa bussan co.,ltd is a manufacture and supplier of Shinzi Katoh designed Zakka such as bags, stationery homewares, based in Aichi, Japan.Shinzi one the most popular Japanese designer.Not only goods designer but also an artist, his unique modern works are valuated highly.Since we made ...

    Telephone:81-568-333333Address:1600-1, Mizobata, Ushiyama-cho,

  • Glanz Co., Ltd.

    We are the only manufacturer that can reproduce famous character, EVANGELION, on disposable lighters. They have already been sold more than 5,000,000 pieces in Japan for past three years. The lighter is double action type CR, easy to operate ladies. Best present Evangelion crazy Fan!! Our ...

    Telephone:81 - 3 - 32801511Address:O2-3 Building 4F, Ebisu Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0013 Japan

  • Biglobe International

    biglobe international is a company that has made a mark in the art world .we are into patnership with serveral organisations who demads our products. the doors are open to investors.invest wisely.

    Telephone:81 - 44 - 947056Address:322-bangate zuegui osaka Japan

  • Art Gallery Inc.

    we are aleading compny in art and craft in japan.We need the services of some interested individual to stand as our company agents

    Telephone:81 - 3 - 4544768Address:21 Art Gallery Lane Itabashi Tokyo 00981 Japan

  • North Concept, Inc

    North Concept's Mission is to facilitate the creation of businesses through commercialization technology. We are establishing two-way information exchange on latest technologies, devices and materials in field biochemistry, biophysics, medicine, pharmacology, biotechnology, ...



    Indonesia, Bali resort Island is very famous with the gods of healing in world. In addition, Indonesia also known for many excellent herbs to grow in Asia. The Indonesian government official 2006 Spa Balinese aroma Therapy school founded Japan 2007 qualified instructors, and world ...

    Telephone:81-29-2315776Address:2-8-8 Chuo,


    High-quality tracing pads with the top market share in Japan Established 1984, we now have factories Kyoto, Japan and Shenzhen, China. We primarily develop drafting art supplies made out of acrylic. are ISO9001- 14000-certified. This pad was developed input professional Japanese ...

    Telephone:81-774-632039Address:9-1, Osumiikenohata

  • Seed Trading Co.,Ltd.

    Our artificial bonsai has very high quality,and just like real one. That is made by welsilled craftman belong japanese tradition. The price will be reasonable.

    Telephone:81 - 66394 - 5527Address:9-22,3-higashimikuni,yodogawa osaka Japan


    Honmono Kenkyusho is a wholesale company that researches products and technologies are people earth-friendly distributes the uncovered developed in process which we deem to be worthy of name through nationwide network stores. Honmono currently distributed on behalf by about 700 stores ...

    Telephone:81-3-57690271Address:NSS-II 10F, 2-13-34, Konan


    1. Company Motto Creating"certainty" 2. About Our Company We were established in 1890, and have manufacturing development bases two locations - Osaka Shanghai. We 70% of the market share Japan for glass globes lighting, 15% global reflectors projectors. 3. ...

    Telephone:81-72-966-3399Address:1-14-39, Imagome


    About the company- Honjien is a tea and accessories shop in Okayama city which was established 1931 has long history.We began mail-order sales 1995, currently operate seven different online portals.We have highest share of 'matcha', 'tea accessories' ...

    Telephone: 81-86-2225925Address:1-9-49, Omotecho, Kita-ku